Evaluation and selection

The evaluation and selection process follows and fully complies with the Guidelines of the European Code and Charter. The selection and evaluation will take place within a maximum period of 3 months following the deadline for the submission of proposals.

Application process

The Evaluation panel experts will assess and score the application on the basis of the Relevance, Research & Innovation quality and Feasibility and Exploitability.

Evaluation scores will be given for each of the criteria. Each criterion will be scored out of 5. Scores will be given with a resolution of one decimal place. A score 0 means that the proposal fails to address the criterion under examination or cannot be judged due to missing or incomplete information. A score 1 means poor and, therefore, that the criterion is addressed in an inadequate manner, or there are serious inherent weaknesses. A score 2 means fair and, therefore, that while the proposal broadly addresses the criterion, there are significant weaknesses. A score 3 means good and, therefore, that the proposal addresses the criterion well, although improvements would be necessary. A score 4 means very good and, therefore, the proposal addresses the criterion very well, although certain improvements are still possible. A score 5 means excellent and, therefore, that the proposal successfully addresses all relevant aspects of the criterion in question.

Only proposals scoring a minimum of 12 points will be considered for funding.