The William Harvey International Translational Research Academy (WHRI-ACADEMY) is a new mobility fellowship programme which aims to provide multidisciplinary projects to transnational researchers to help to maximise their career development opportunities in healthcare and life sciences.

A large number of European and international universities and research institutes and industry and private partners have already enrolled as host organisations on the basis of their excellence in post doctoral training and development, outstanding infrastructure, high scientific prominence and high intensity of innovation activities. Please note that WHRI-ACADEMY programme is open to enrol additional host organisations (How to become a host organisation)

The key aspects of the programme are:

- truly worldwide collaborative opportunities for fellows in both academic and industrial environments;

- partner organisations who will host the fellows both within and outside the EU thus providing mobility opportunities for fellows to and from a wide geographical area;

- a transnational inter-sectorial exchange dimension between academia and SMEs to enable academic research fellows try an SME working environment without a gap in their academic careers;

- an incoming mobility component to enable top-class Third Country fellows from emerging economies to be hosted in Europe to both enhance competition and to establish mutually-beneficial research cooperation; and

- a reintegration component to counter the brain drain of European researchers to Third Countries.

WHRI-ACADEMY starting date is on 02 January 2014 and it will run for 5 years, launching 6 calls for proposals.

WHRI-ACADEMY offers 55 new post-doc fellowships (146 fellow-year) spread between three different schemes (incoming, outgoing and reintegration) and a training programme, including workshops, dedicated training in complementary skills and industrial placement. WHRI-ACADEMY fellowships have a minimum duration of 12 months and a maximum of 36 months.

WHRI-ACADEMY programme promotes gender equality.  The WHRI-ACADEMY Gender Action Plan implements measures and recommendations on frameworks to balance professional and family life, to systematically check on actions that enable both men and women to pursue a scientific career with an adequate work-life balance.

WHRI-ACADEMY programme makes the European Research Area (ERA) a reality by:

- adding a new dimension of translational therapeutic innovation to the Mobility Strategy of the ERA in line with rapidly developing inter-sectorial, multi-, inter- and cross-disciplinary trends;

- advancing research and innovation by introducing new topics, new technology and by developing sustainable SME-academia partnerships, thereby facilitating the translational research process from bench to clinic and ultimately, patient/consumer benefits;

- introducing new European and international partners, thereby increasing the sharing of knowledge from different areas, overcoming fragmentation and building the long-lasting cooperation which is necessary for sustained competitiveness in these rapidly developing fields as they become more integrated; and

- countering the EU “brain drain” through targeted reintegration efforts through the provision of the required inter-sectorial and multidisciplinary training within European centres of excellence.